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Smart thinking or groundhog day? National threatened species summit to be held in Canberra

The Australian government will hold a national threatened species summit in Canberra in mid- 2015. Who knew? The announcement was slipped into the second-last paragraph of a three-page statement issued late on 27 February (Friday, Take Out the Trash day … Continue reading

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Is fed agency Parks Australia pimping out Canberra’s national botanic gardens ?

The Australian National Botanic Gardens now has a spa on site, offering facials, pedicures, body wraps and something called “a shellac hand refresh.” That’s right – a national science institution that has the world’s most comprehensive display of living Australian … Continue reading

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New Zealand study reveals disruptive impacts of wild dolphin swim tourism

Ocean tours promoting swimming “encounters” with wild dolphins can significantly disrupt a pod’s feeding behaviour, including co-operative herding of fish, according to New Zealand research. Scientists found that common dolphins (Delphinus delphis and Delphinus carpensis) spent less time hunting for … Continue reading

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Battling the MDBA bureaucracy behemoth at Senate Estimates

How many farmers are likely to be affected by flooding that could occur under a Murray Darling Basin Authority program to return water to stressed rivers? “I do not think I can answer that,” the MDBA’s chief executive Dr Rhondda … Continue reading

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Who’s tracking the social and environmental cost of government spending?

Sometimes, a really good idea gets raised in federal parliament in Canberra, but is sidelined by the roostering antics of question time. South Australian Labor MP Tony Zappia has called for an overhaul of government procurement policies to support Australian … Continue reading

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Lemurs to lose almost 60 per cent of forest habitat as climate changes

Madagascar’s lemurs could lose more than half of their rainforest habitat over the next 70 years due to climate change, with three species likely to face extinction. A climate modelling study by Jason Brown and Dr Anne Yoder at Duke … Continue reading

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Migrating ibis take turns in sharing the hard work of leading from the front

Migrating ibis take turns at flying in the front position of a V-formation, with each spending less than a minute in the top spot, a new study reveals. Scientists used data loggers to study the flight behaviour of a group … Continue reading

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