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Do we need a Senate inquiry into falling visitor numbers at Canberra’s national botanic gardens

How far do visitors numbers need to fall before the federal government orders a comprehensive review of the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra? Is a Senate inquiry called for, and are any federal politicians sufficiently interested in the fate … Continue reading

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Poor state of management at Australia’s parliament house “asking for trouble” inquiry hears

It’s a story that seems to have been by-passed by Australia’s mainstream media. But why? Federal auditors  have told a Senate finance committee inquiry they were unable to find “a consistent approach” to managing capital works, maintenance, or heritage assets … Continue reading

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Common heavy metal pollutant can scramble bee brains says Australian & US research

Australian and US research has demonstrated that the brains of honeybees are adversely affected by exposure to manganese, a toxic heavy metal pollutant. The most common sources of manganese as an environmental pollutant are emissions from iron and steel production, … Continue reading

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High rate of farm injuries in Australia takes a $300 million toll over four years

Farm injuries in Australia cost more than $300 million in treatment and compensation over a four year period, according to a government agricultural agency report. Quad bike rollovers, heavy machinery hitting overhead powerlines, getting fingers caught in fan belts and … Continue reading

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Senate inquiry hears there’s been no full stock take of assets at Australia’s parliament house

There has been no complete stock take of furniture and other assets at Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra in recent years, a Senate finance committee inquiry has heard. Neil Skill, a first assistant secretary with the federal Department of Parliamentary … Continue reading

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Deep sea fish research finds evidence of heavy metals pollution and endocrine disruption

Deep water fish in the north-east Atlantic Ocean have been found to have a wide range of liver diseases and tumours linked to heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and lead. A study in the Bay of Biscay, along the … Continue reading

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Urban poor in Vietnam struggling to cope with climate change impacts

Climate change is causing more frequent flooding in poorer areas of Vietnam’s largest city, Ho Chi Minh City, but the social impacts are poorly understood. Dr Kim Hong Tran, a community planner at RMIT University in Melbourne,  looked at two … Continue reading

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