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Master plan puts botany in the back seat for $25 million revamp of Canberra’s national botanic gardens

Visitor numbers for the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra have plummeted by 50,000 over the past five years, according to a federal plan for the site’s future development. Should there be a Senate inquiry into how this has happened? … Continue reading

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National parks loses $22 million in NSW budget cuts with fears of more science jobs to be lost

National parks services have taken a 4.4 per cent funding cut in the New South Wales 2015-16 budget , suggesting another round of job losses is looming for the state’s parks rangers and ecologists. Funding for the NSW Parks and … Continue reading

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Senate inquiry calls for federal tax on wind farms to fund noise and health research

An Australian government report has called for a federal tax on wind energy companies to fund research into wind farm noise and its possible health impacts. It also wants that tax to fund an “independent scientific committee on industrial sound” … Continue reading

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Australia objects to global shark conservation listings to protect its commercial fisheries

Australia has objected to the listing of five shark species under a United Nations conservation treaty because of concerns about possible legal impacts for commercial and recreational fishing. The Bonn Convention , a global treaty which protects migratory species, wants … Continue reading

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Tiger sharks revealed to have long haul seasonal migration routes “like birds” says US study

Tiger sharks have predictable seasonal migratory routes, travelling thousands of kilometres each year to return to the same areas of the Caribbean in winter, according to a study by US scientists. Researchers at Nova Southeastern University in Florida worked with … Continue reading

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World’s seabird populations have declined by 70 per cent over past 60 years says study

Sixty years of monitoring data has revealed that the the world’s seabird populations have declined by almost 70 per cent since the middle of last century, according to a study by ecologists in Canada and Australia. Scientists from the University … Continue reading

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Why was report warning of poor response to beak and feather disease ignored by federal government

The Australian government was warned three years ago that not enough research or monitoring was being done to mitigate the threat of beak and feather disease among 15 of the country’s threatened parrot species. A review of the federal Threat … Continue reading

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