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Florida study shows wildlife sensor warning systems can reduce road kill

Sensors that detect large animals near roads and trigger flashing lights to warn motorists could significantly reduce wildlife roadkill and injuries, according to research by the University of Central Florida. The study found the sensors, know as Roadside Animal Detection … Continue reading

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Study shows Japanese bears prune with a purpose to increase forest fruit supplies

Japanese black bears are ecosystem engineers, breaking off branches in tree canopies to allow more light to penetrate and  increase the growth of fleshy fruits according to research in Japan’s central forests. A study led by Kazuaki Takahashi from Nagano … Continue reading

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Sticky camera trick allows scientists to identify Malaysia’s black leopards by their hidden spots

A simple modification to infrared cameras used to monitor wildlife has enabled scientists to record the intricate – and individual – rosette markings of Malaysia’s black leopards. It’s also allowed them to conduct the first census, or density estimate, of … Continue reading

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Threatened species strategy seeks to marginalise science and stifle community dissent

The opening hour or so of the federal government’s Threatened Species Summit today was excruciating, but in the end, just enough science shone through the thick mist of marketing hype to offer a glimmer of hope. Australian National University ecologist … Continue reading

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Land clearing kill count for Liverpool plains coal mine should shame threatened species summit

Will anyone have the courage to confront Australia’s environment minister Greg Hunt at the government’s Threatened Species Summit in Melbourne tomorrow? Or will the hand-picked participants play along with the charade, and pretend that the massive Shenhua Watermark coal mine … Continue reading

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Land clearing for Shenhua coal mine makes a mockery of federal threatened species summit

Is there really any point to this week’s federal threatened species summit in Melbourne? And will anyone attending have the courage to challenge the government over the environmental impacts of the massive Shenhua Watermark coal mine, or will Thursday’s summit … Continue reading

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Dolphins use several areas of their brain to process sound says world-first brain scan study

Dolphin brains are similar to those of bats, with multiple areas able to process sound, a study by US and British researchers has revealed. A team of neuroscientists at Emory University in Atlanta and Oxford University in Britain has used … Continue reading

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More sneaky Abbott science cuts as agency prunes grants for Australia’s farm industries

One of Australia’s biggest farm research agencies has slashed its support for science to develop new crops, cutting the number of grants by almost half in its latest budget. The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation were forced to review … Continue reading

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