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Study suggests faster “need for speed” reviews for critical conservation science

Long delays in peer-reviewing research┬ápapers submitted to science journals for publication may be undermining ┬áconservation policies and management programs, according to a study led by Canadian biologists. The authors suggest there is “a need for speed” to fast-track publication of … Continue reading

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Hibernating possums detect whiff of danger from winter fuel reduction burns

Australia’s eastern pygmy possums can smell smoke from an approaching fire during their winter hibernation but will only wake and try to flee danger if there’s a significant temperature increase, according to research at the University of New England in … Continue reading

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Cactus census reveals impact of climate change on saguaro survival

A long-term study of saguaro cacti in a national park in Arizona has found ┬áthat climate change may be threatening the survival of these spectacular desert giants. Data collected over 75 years by researchers in the Saguaro National Park near … Continue reading

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