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Australia’s native grasses may not cope with extreme heat and water scarcity of changing climate

Climate change is likely to affect the distribution, abundance and survival of common Australian grass species, a University of Wollongong study has found. Researchers looked at the combined impact of extreme heat waves and drought on six native grasses from … Continue reading

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Climate change impacting US national parks at “twice the rate” of rest of country

Climate change is affecting  national parks across the United States at “double the rate” of the country as a whole, according to a study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters. It is the first spatial analysis of historical data … Continue reading

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Marketing not science is driving BINGO conservation agenda says UK study

A group of British scientists has questioned the influence of corporate-style global environment groups in manipulating public donations, government funding and policy priorities for biodiversity conservation. They claim these big international non-governmental organisations – otherwise known as BINGOs – use … Continue reading

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