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Illegal ‘fish laundering’ costing billions in lost trade, jobs & tax for poorer nations

Global trade in illegally caught fish and other seafood is causing total losses of up to $50 billion annually for legitimate fisheries in 143 countries across Asia, Africa and South America. A study led by scientists in Canada and Western … Continue reading

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Sumatra’s hornbills losing habitat to palm oil and rubber plantations

Clearing lowland ┬átropical forests for palm oil and rubber plantations in Sumatra is driving the loss of one of Indonesia’s most ecologically significant bird species -the hornbill. And sadly, it’s one of many species affected by large-scale habitat loss on … Continue reading

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Pet trade prices can give early warning of wild species in danger, says Princeton study

Wildlife market prices in developing countries can be an early indicator that a species is declining, and could be used to target research and conservation projects, says a Princeton University study. A team of ecologists, led by Professor David Wilcove … Continue reading

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