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Toucans among hundreds of Amazon bird species at risk from climate change

Climate change will significantly reduce habitat and food sources for many of the Amazon’s most spectacular birds species, including toucans, parrots and tanagers, according to research by Brazilian scientists. A study led by Leonardo de Sousa Miranda, an ecologist at … Continue reading

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Sumatra’s hornbills losing habitat to palm oil and rubber plantations

Clearing lowland  tropical forests for palm oil and rubber plantations in Sumatra is driving the loss of one of Indonesia’s most ecologically significant bird species -the hornbill. And sadly, it’s one of many species affected by large-scale habitat loss on … Continue reading

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Albatross deaths from tuna fleet hooks increasing says Hawaii study

More seabirds and fewer fish may be driving an increase in the number of albatrosses killed each year by Pacific region tuna fisheries, according to a study by scientists in Hawaii and Australia. Climate change may also be a factor, … Continue reading

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Study shows migratory songbirds make baffling altitude changes during night flights

A tracking study by US scientists has found small migratory songbirds change their altitude frequently, making large ascents and descents during long-distance flights. A research team led by Melissa Bowlin of the University of Michigan-Dearborn used miniature radio transmitters to … Continue reading

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Land clearing kill count for Liverpool plains coal mine should shame threatened species summit

Will anyone have the courage to confront Australia’s environment minister Greg Hunt at the government’s Threatened Species Summit in Melbourne tomorrow? Or will the hand-picked participants play along with the charade, and pretend that the massive Shenhua Watermark coal mine … Continue reading

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World’s seabird populations have declined by 70 per cent over past 60 years says study

Sixty years of monitoring data has revealed that the the world’s seabird populations have declined by almost 70 per cent since the middle of last century, according to a study by ecologists in Canada and Australia. Scientists from the University … Continue reading

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Why was report warning of poor response to beak and feather disease ignored by federal government

The Australian government was warned three years ago that not enough research or monitoring was being done to mitigate the threat of beak and feather disease among 15 of the country’s threatened parrot species. A review of the federal Threat … Continue reading

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