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Australian national park left for almost seven years without management plan says federal auditor’s report

The Australian government’s management of six national parks has been savagely criticised in a scathing report  by the federal auditor-general’s office in Canberra. The Australian National Audit Office report found administrative arrangements had not been updated since 2013 and five … Continue reading

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State plan admits to lack of climate research for heritage listed Jenolan Caves

There is little research on how climate change, floods and bushfires will affect the Jenolan Caves, a vast 40 km system of limestone caves in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney in New South Wales, an Australian state government conservation … Continue reading

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Toucans among hundreds of Amazon bird species at risk from climate change

Climate change will significantly reduce habitat and food sources for many of the Amazon’s most spectacular birds species, including toucans, parrots and tanagers, according to research by Brazilian scientists. A study led by Leonardo de Sousa Miranda, an ecologist at … Continue reading

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Cameras show wolves using Canada’s railways as nocturnal fast track

Wolves in Canada appear to use railway tracks as an easy travel route and to scavenge carcasses of animals such as elk and moose that have been killed by train collisions, a study in Ontario has found. A 12-month  camera … Continue reading

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What urgency?Australia’s enviro-crats take four years to give rare plant top protection status

How quickly can a government act to protect a species at risk of extinction? In Australia, a Senate submission has revealed that it took  more than four years for the federal Department of Environment to finalise an urgent nomination to list one … Continue reading

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Climate change impacting US national parks at “twice the rate” of rest of country

Climate change is affecting  national parks across the United States at “double the rate” of the country as a whole, according to a study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters. It is the first spatial analysis of historical data … Continue reading

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Marketing not science is driving BINGO conservation agenda says UK study

A group of British scientists has questioned the influence of corporate-style global environment groups in manipulating public donations, government funding and policy priorities for biodiversity conservation. They claim these big international non-governmental organisations – otherwise known as BINGOs – use … Continue reading

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